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[May. 23rd, 2011|07:13 am]
Send the Love



Hello, music lovers! I've created the latest music-sharing post over at sexy_mood_music. You don't have to join to contribute links because the post will be left open for 2 months until the next one goes up. However, you're more than free to join and have a look around at the other stuff offered at the comm, including all manner of graphics.Since May is the fifth month of the year, I figured it might be neat for everyone to create their Top 5 [Fill in the Blank] Songs. Basically, you're going to do as many mini-mixes as you please with any mini-themes you want. For example, I'm sharing my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Songs. You can pick your fave 5 songs from your childhood or 5 songs that remind you of your fave fictional character or anything you can imagine! This is pretty much a free for-all as long as you include 5 songs in your little countdowns. Of course, any and all genres can be included, and if you have anecdotes relating to your song selections, we'd love to hear those, too!

[Remember to change 'hxxp' to 'http' for each link!]

Here's what I uploaded for the May-June post:

5) Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better -- It's actually a lovely song, but I feel like I'm my 54-year old mom when I listen to it!

4) Gayla Peevey - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas (Hippo the Hero) -- I'll leave it up to you to guess whether or not I've listened to this randomly in the middle of the year when Christmas is nowhere in sight.

3) Sheryn Regis - Kailan Kaya -- This song is a guilty pleasure for a few reasons. First, the starting is so cheesy with Sheryn sounding like she's trying out for Ariel in The Little Mermaid. On top of that, I can't even understand what she's saying cuz the song's in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect. I don't have to understand the lyrics to know it's a corny love song though, which is a third reason why it's a guilty pleasure.

2) Kermit the Frog - The Rainbow Connection -- Ummm, just look at the song's title and who sings it. Add to that the fact that I get nostalgic for high school when I had to sing this in a choir, and it's pretty clear why it's a guilty pleasure.

1) Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight -- Seriously, how embarrassing is it to admit that I have this on my iPod?